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Dr. Sadia Muniza Faraz


Assistant Professor

Department of Electronic Engineering

Sadia Muniza Faraz


Ph.D. (Semiconductor Devices), NED UET (2013)

M.Engg (Micro-System Design), NED UET (2006)

B.Engg (Electrical), NED UET (1996) 



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Research Interests:

  •  Solid State Devices (Especially Photonic Devices)
  •  Nanotechnology
  •  Solar Cells

Research Activities:

  • Completed PhD degree (Semiconductor Devices) which deals with growth, fabrication, characterization, modelling and simulation of wide bandgap semiconductor (ZnO,GaN and SiC etc)  schottky diodes, heterojunction diodes and LEDs
  • Supervising projects on the fabrication of dye sensitized solar cells(DSSC)

Projects Supervised:

  • Supervised M. Engg Independent study project (ISP) of Ms Zarrin Tajwar, Title: "Modeling and Simulation of GaN Schottky diodes using TCAD and comparison to the experimental results", 2013
  • Co-supervised an M.Engg. thesis on Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Devices (2012)
  • Supervised a final year project on efficiency study of Photovoltaic and their characteristics in local environment (2012)
  • Supervised a final year project on Artificially Intelligent Perception Generation (2012)